Thursday, March 25, 2010

Free & Fair elections goes beyond Iwu Maurice

While I agree that Maurice Iwu should be shown the way out for his failures in the 2007 elections and subsequent elections, I do not agree that the exit of Maurice Iwu will significantly affect the quality of the 2011 elections.

The inability of Nigeria to conduct free and fair elections has a lot to do with the low human capacity in Nigeria due to our neglect of Education. It is for the same reason that we have not been able to generate enough electricity or refine our God given crude oil into common petrol.

Until Nigerians end their disdain for scholarship and learning, Nigeria as a nation will continue to suffer and things will continue to get worse in the country. In Nigeria we erroneously think that money is everything. For this reason whenever we have problems we throw money at it.

Every year we propose budgets of trillions of Naira with no positive result. What we need to understand as Nigerians is that money don't solve problems, people do. We need well trained people to generate electricity, refine our petrol or articulate policies that will solve our other numerous problems. Until that happens we are wasting our time.

Free and fair elections only happen in countries were citizens have the right set of values acquired through a solid education system, with the elections managed by an election body made up of credible and knowledgeable people, not coconut heads. These are absent in Nigeria today, and will not be put in place before the 2011 elections.